La Descarga is a tribute to the music and dance traditions of the Afro-Colombian regions from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia. Created in 2009 in Melbourne, this unique ensemble in Australia has preserved the culture of Colombian Tri-ethnic (Spanish, African and Indigenous) ancestors, sharing it with Australian music and traditions. 

Colombia is known as "The land of a thousand rhythms" holding over 1000 folk rhythms. La Descarga explores the roots and sounds of these many rhythms from the coasts including Cumbia, Gaita, Porro, Currulao, Chandé, Mapalé, Tambora. Their repertoire includes traditional songs and original themes.

Descarga means rhythm explosion for the traditional musicians in Colombia. The band features percussionists performing on traditional drums, marimba de chonta players, gaita flute players, bass, trombone, trumpet, clarinet and singers and dancers.

La Descarga also explores these traditions through diverse workshops mixing education and cultural expression. La Descarga holds casual workshops at schools, childcare centres, universities and language schools.

Recent performances and workshops include: Dandenong Sustainability Festival (2017), Reservoir Stomp (2016), Darwin Festival (2015), VIVA Victoria (2014), Moomba Festival (2010-2013), National Gallery of Victoria (2014) and Music for the People (2014).

La Descarga has released two singles A Demole’ and Chande Gozoso and will release it’s first EP in 2018.

"La Descarga is rhythmic exchange, the convergence of cultures through music." Samson McDougall, The Music

"La Descarga celebrates the universal history of travelling cultures, fusions and Melbourne's own mix of converging sounds and traditions." Jess Fairfax, Easey 

"It was awesome to have you on the bill - you were one of my highlights of the day." DJ Emma Peel, Host of Switched On, PBS FM (106.7FM)

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