La Descarga ´Allá en el Río´ Single Launch

Open Studio, 204 High St, Northcote

La Descarga will release its third single Allá en el Río (There in the river) on this special night of Colombian traditional music. The song is a currulao, an Afro-Colombian style of music originally from the Pacific coast of Colombia. Call and response chanting and horn section arrangements are important features of the style. Drums, percussion and the marimba are used as melodic and rhythmic instruments.

This song is inspired on nature. The rivers, oceans, mountains, seas, jungles and forests. The lyrics talk about our connection to nature, how we all come from nature and go back to it. It also reflects on the importance of taking care of nature and how it is affected directly by our actions. The message is to remember that we need to care of nature because we live thanks to it and its beauties can remain shining or disappear with our actions.

The night will feature special guests to be announced.

Event details: SATURDAY MARCH 4, 8PM, $10 Open Studio 204 High St Northcote Includes digital download of new single TICKETS ON DOOR

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