Cumbia Party with La Descarga

Open Studio, 204 High St, Northcote

After a well deserved and long siesta, la Descarga is ready for some fiesta! To the sound of the drums and the rhythms of Afro-Colombian music and dance this night will heat up your soul to a boneshaking experience.

La Descarga has prepared a special night at Open Studio to gather and pay tribute to the Carnival of Barranquilla, one of Colombia's most important folkloric celebrations, and one of the biggest carnivals in the world.

La Descarga will be bringing the traditional gaita and tambora group to celebrate through the night playing the tunes representative of the February Barranquilla Fiestas including puya, cumbia, gaita, bullerengue and mapale. Put your dancing shoes and your carnival vibes on and get down to the fiesta de carnaval!

La Descarga is a tribute to the music and dance traditions of the Afro-Colombian regions from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia. Created in 2009 in Melbourne, this unique ensemble in Australia has preserved the culture of Colombian Tri-ethnic (Spanish, African and Indigenous) ancestors, sharing it with Australian music and traditions.

Colombia is known as "The land of a thousand rhythms" holding over 1000 folk rhythms. La Descarga explores the roots and sounds of these many rhythms from the coasts of Colombia

Entry $12 at the door